These are specialties Chez Donovan.

gorgonzola gougères

A cheese puff with a difference. I made this one up myself.

Use any gougère recipe (such as the one in Joy of Cooking), except omit the salt (gorgonzola is salty on its own) and use gorgonzola instead of gruyere.

If you don't have a gougère recipe, use any puff pastry recipe (as for creampuffs), omit the salt, and add a cup of crumbled gorgonzola.

strawberries la forêt

This was a dessert prepared tableside at La Forêt, a restaurant in New Almaden, California. No quantities given, but with these ingredients, is there any way you can really go wrong?


dark brown sugar

Grand Marnier

sour cream

Use only strawberries that give off a wonderful fragrance when you find them in the market--if you can't smell them, they're not worth eating, no matter how handsome they might look. Rinse and drain them, discard any soft or mushy ones, and put them in a serving bowl or platter.

Make a thin syrup of the dark brown sugar and Grand Marnier liqueur; bring to a boil and boil for a minute or two to dissolve the sugar and eliminate the taste of raw alcohol. 

Put the sour cream in a bowl and whisk in the syrup a little at a time until it tastes heavenly. Serve as a dip with the strawberries.



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